Book signings give me the opportunity to meet some of my readers/friends face to face.


My husband, whom I married after two years of widowhood, was a military man and traveling with him to exotic places gave me insight into a military world that I would not have otherwise known. You can enjoy a slice of military life under the Anne’s Military tab. 

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Enjoy photos from our overseas travels under the Anne’s Travels tab. You may recognize some of the places from my books.  Turkey plays a role in my mystery, Shadow of The Dagger​.  

I’m drawn to art.  Enjoy some of my pieces under the Anne’s Art tab.

My love of adventure is a significant factor in my writing and the people and places I’ve been blessed to visit have impacted my books. In the tab About Anne you can learn more about why I started writing.​

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Climbing Mount Nemrut in Turkey in the night to be greeted ​by a glorious sunrise and the massive statuary of King Antiochus only whetted my appetite for more adventure.​

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Getting ready for a Marine Corps Birthday Ball (November 10).  Over the years we attended the anniversary balls for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

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